UN recognition of Rohingya genocide significant

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UN recognition of Rohingya genocide significant

Update: 13:56, Aug 30, 2018

Rohingya refugee carries an elderly man at the Palongkhali refugee camp near Cox`s Bazar.
Reuters file photo

It is a significant step that the United Nations has raised specific charges of genocide against Myanmar generals. The challenge in front of the international community now is how they will evaluate the report of the three neutral and experienced experts. However, the mixed reaction towards the report, particularly ignored by Russia and China, is shameful in humanitarian terms. They have disappointed not just Bangladesh, but the peace-loving people around the world. The US, UK, France, Sweden and many other countries have supported the recommendation for trial. This is positive progress.

The manner in which the UN report has brought about charges of genocide, is enough to open the eyes of the members of the Security Council. Previously the UN had termed the oppression against the Rohingyas a textbook case of ‘ethnic cleansing’. But now it is specifically terming this as genocide. So the international community should no longer have any doubts as to what is happening to the Rohingyas. They must now come forward with their assistance and support to ensure that the matter is brought to justice. They must also make an effort to change the attitude of Russia and China. The international community must say that if there is no credible argument to counter the UN report, then the recommendation to put the Myanmar generals on trial cannot be sidestepped. The global community may be united in their criticism of the US war policy, but that does not mean they will shut their eyes to the unfortunate stance of Russia and China. These two members of the Un Security Council call for continued dialogue with Myanmar. We would respond by saying that dialogue for the repatriation of the Rohingyas must certainly continue, but these accused of genocide must be put on trial.

It is the demand of global humanity to put those guilty of this genocide on trial. Being a superpower does not mean any country can overlook this. China must come forward. It is giving leadership to an emerging new world. It must realise that if the rule of law and justice is left lying in the dust, the entire global development will weaken. The report clearly states that the crimes must be tried in the international criminal court. In order to do so, the matter must be passed by the UN Security Council.

Bangladesh must now take up active diplomacy, pointing out that they demand the trial of the criminals, but that the bilateral efforts for repatriation must continue. Myanmar must understand that those who carried out the genocide are not patriots, but cruel criminals clinging on to power. They must be removed from their positions.

We hail the decision of Facebook to ban the military chief and other criminal generals of Myanmar from its site. We hope the other social media platforms do the same.

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